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I believe that to effectively adopt a healthy diet, one must make positive changes on an incremental basis. “Eating healthy” does not necessarily happen overnight- it is a process. With this in mind, I recommend the following services be completed in successive order, as they build off of each other and will help you to make the slow progression needed to effectively incorporate your new diet as your new way of life. However, it is possible to just have one or two of these services without the others, or in a different order, if you feel that this is what will serve you best.

Complimentary Consult- 15 minutes

During this consultation, we will talk about your current diet and any challenges you face when trying to adopt healthier eating habits. Together, we will determine your needs and which services you will benefit from the most. This service may be conducted via phone or in-person at my office.

Pantry Makeover- 2 hours

Have you ever wished an expert could come to your house and answer all of your food questions? Now is your chance! Together we will review the foods in your kitchen and talk about why you should or shouldn’t be eating them. Learn the necessary tools to make your kitchen environment conducive to cooking. Discover how to properly decipher food labels and how to spot sneaky hidden ingredients.

Personalized Store Tour- 2 hours

Together we will review key areas of the store so you can become acquainted with unfamiliar ingredients and feel confident in your healthy food purchases. Learn which items are important to buy organic, how to decode labels, tips on buying the healthiest seafood & animal foods and how to stretch your food dollar. *Ask for details on how to save money by making this a group tour. To be conducted at the South Street or Wynnewood Whole Foods location.

Personal In-Home Cooking Instruction- 2+ hours

Have your attempts at eating a healthy diet been thwarted by an inability to cook? Are you unsure how to prepare the new foods being introduced into your diet? Receive personalized, one-on-one cooking instruction from a Natural Foods Chef. Each class will be focused on a theme and will be tailored to your needs. *Does not include the cost of food. Session ideas include, but are not limited to:

Greens & Grains
Veggies & Beans
Cleanse-Friendly Meals
Snacks & On-The-Go Foods
Restricted Diet (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, etc)

Meal Planning Session- 1.5 hours

Do you want to start cooking but don’t know where to start or how to find the time? Do you eat differently than other people in your household? Together we will plan out a sample week and determine your food needs. We will strategize a menu, cooking schedule and shopping lists, complete with recipes. This service can be performed at your home or at my office.

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